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It is a solution built under Microsoft 365 Power Platform, that uses several of the applications included in the licensing to achieve an objective which is to comply with the requirements of decree 1072 and resolution 0312 in relation to the economic activity carried out by your company.


It is a solution that It will allow you to manage the periodic objectives of each user within the organization, as well as goals that are aligned with the strategic objectives of the area to which they belong and of the company.

Managing the objectives of the users and/or areas in spreadsheets can be expensive management. ITSE CMI makes that a thing of the past.



ITSE Self Service Password is a self-management service for passwords and account unlocking, which will allow you to eliminate support cases related to this reason in your IT help desk.

According to measurements made, ITSE SSP will reduce approximately 25% of your company's support cases, freeing up your IT team for other activities in the area.

Self Service Password